EBPR Podcast episodes on YouTube

Episode 5

Treat Yo Self

Jasmin & MissE are discussing the most important day there is and that is Treat Yo Self Day 2017. They are lavishing themselves while on a budget and giving out gems on how you too can Treat Yo’ Self…for free!

Episode 4

The Lies We Tell Our Kids

The EBPR Host discuss the lies they have told their kids and are still telling. Just a few little fibs to keep them safe, innocent and most importantly out of their shit. They also talk about the unbelievable superstitions they grew up with. 

Episode 3

The Cost of Healthy Living

One thing that the hosts of Everything but Politics and Religion agree on is how much they hate diets, meal prepping and spending more for a salad than a bacon cheeseburger. Sometimes being healthy isn’t fun especially when it comes to eliminating foods they love.  They also discussed the Gift Card Giveaway that ends in October.  

Episode 2

Let’s Get Acquainted

Jasmin and MissE get more familiar with each other by asking some random “getting to know your ass” questions such as our favorite celebrity and if they could be anyone at all, who would it be. They also discussed HBO’s Insecure- Hella Disrespectful episode

Episode 1

Strangers on the Internet

When they finally met up, after digging through the spams and scams on Craigslist, Jasmin and MissE attended the Brown BadassBonita event in Seattle hosted by Kim Bjanes. While there they networked, checked out some cool swag and mingled by the water.