Treat Yo Self, Pt. 2: The Baby Booty Skin

Have you ever heard the expression, “softer than a baby’s bottom,” or something to that effect? Of course you have. I didn’t come up with the saying, and neither did you. I am not sure who did, but what I am sure of is the fact that the person who coined the phrase had experienced a Korean Body Scrub before.

In a recent post, I talked about going to the K-spa. But I saved the best for last: the Body Scrub. The best part about going to a K-Spa is NOT the food, or even the bathhouse. It’s the body scrub. *insert “dun dun dun” here*

The Korean Body Scrub is like no other scrub you’ve ever seen, bought or experienced and I recommend it to everyone I meet. (No, seriously. It’s actually kind of creepy. One day, I was at Target, and the lady next to me asked if I’d used either of the scrubs she was holding. I told her I hadn’t, then proceeded to have her rub my arm while I told her about the amazing scrub I received a few weeks back.)

The scrub, itself, is not relaxing to most people. I could go into excessive details, but I’ll spare you, and instead, provide a step-by-step.

  1. You arrive at the bathhouse, and you shower (nekkid, of course). While you shower, scrub yourself, but don’t use liquid soap if you can help it – it affects the way the dead skin comes off later.
  2. Hop into one of the hot or warm tubs. The key is to soak for at least 15 minutes, but 30 minutes is sort of the sweet spot. I tend to stay in longer, but that’s just me. Ultimately, you want your skin to be as prune-like as possible.
  3. While you’re chilling in one of the aforementioned bodies of water, a lovely scrub mistress wearing what appears to be granny lingerie will come and get you (by calling your name and number).
  4. She will escort you upstairs where you’ll lay on a wet table.
  5. She will douse you in water and may scrub you down with soap once or twice. The item she’ll use to scrub you is called a Korea Italy Towel and feels like a skin-safe version of sandpaper. If it’s slightly painful, she’s doing a good job.
  6. After washing you, she’ll get to scrubbing. Be prepared to feel like an entire piece of filth. You’ll see dirty, gray skin rolls fall off of you as she removes all death from your body. (You alive now, bih.) And yes, she will scrub your ass (they don’t do too much work in the crack), and the area between your labia majora and thigh. She likely won’t get too close to your vaginal canal, so don’t worry.
  7. Once she’s done, she’ll wash you again, and she’ll wash your hair (if you let her). Note: They ain’t using Shea Moisture or Miss Jessie’s – consider yourself warned.
  8. She’ll rinse you, help you off the table, hand you a towel (and maybe a tip envelope) and thank you.
  9. It’s kind of uncomfortable, but you will literally walk away from the experience a much better person. And to top it all off, you’ll have baby booty skin.

I typically pay $40-45 for my scrubs, but the price may vary, especially if you add in a massage or an additional service. It’s recommended once a week, but I just do it when I can. Get yours, ma.

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