The Sexpisode, pt. 1

In episode 18 of the EBPR Podcast, Dez & Jasmin tackle the topic of sex … in the weirdest ways imaginable. In this episode, we’ll take you on an international sexcapade, do some toe touches (literally), and introduce you the world of weird ass sex. Consensual, but unusual. You’ve been warned. #NSFW #whatintheactual #DonttellDezsmom #DontTellJasminsMomEither

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In this episode we explore: sex, sexual propositions, indecent proposals and weird shit.

3:38 – The one time in London…
6:18 – Lets talk “Weird Sex”
7:22 – “Finger in the booty…” – Amber Rose
12:17 – Grab me like a momma lion grabs her cubs
17:35 – Gender Swap + Role Play
22:11 – Public sex
25:51 – Not about that life: Butt Stuff (receiving)
27:59 – Maybe about that life: Pegging… and receiving butt stuff
34:34 – Boundaries!!
39:09 – Stop shaming sex!
40:56 – When your needs can’t be fulfilled by your partner…
50:52 – Notes from Cosmo, Jezebel, and the Netflix Original Big Mouth
57:30 – Listeners: Have you every received a weird sexual request? Let us know
59:34 – SHOUTOUTS!!!
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Jasmin – Around the Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson
Dez – Gettin’ Buck Wild by Zane
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