The Monster vs The Art

In episode 16 of the EBPR Podcast, Jasmin and Dez talk separating the art from the artist. We’re looking at you, Harvey Weinstein, Usher, Michael Jackson, Danny Masterson and all other monsters. With so many significant cultural contributions, does anyone get a pass? Give this episode a listen to find out.

In this episode we explore:

3:27 – This weeks topic: can you separate the art from the artist & sexual misconduct?
5:20 – Musicians: R. Kelly, Nelly, Michael Jackson…
19:20 – Accusations, only 2% are false, unless you’re a POC (according to Lena Dunham)
26:36 – John Mayer is okay in Jasmin’s book
31:00 – TV personalities: Morgan Spurlock, Mario Batali, Danny Masterson, Matt Lauer, Louis C.K., Charlie Rose
47:56 – Don’t forget about Russell Simmons
53:08 – Def Jam isn’t getting my $$… Wait, ALL of these people are on Def Jam!?
59:01 – What’s the connection between the label and the artist? Should Bieber be penalized?
1:01:11 – Revisit the question: can we separate the art from the artist?
1:03:10 – Who are you forcing yourself to separate to enjoy the art?
1:07:05 – Do the people who commit sexual misconduct deserve a second chance?
1:12:44 – Welcome to the culture of intolerance!!
1:15:57 – Outside perspective: The NYT & The Friend Zone Podcast: The Price Is Right
1:20:14 – Listeners: Have you had to let go of a problematic fav?
1:20:47 – SHOUTOUTS!!!
1:23:11 – Prison Bae – Foreshadowing of things to come
1:24:49 – Thanks Audible! Now reading:
Jasmin – A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Dez – Stuff White People Like by Christian Landers
1:26:26 – Thanks Texture!

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