Get Your Money’s Worth: Part 2

So, you listened to one of our previous episodes and got inspired? You followed the advice from GYMW: Part 1, and their corporate offices/representatives laughed at you, eh? That’s cool – I got something for that ass.

My friends, behind doors two and three, we have the following: Social Media and the Better Business Bureau.

Blaw, tadow. Watch out now. It’s the little one, and it’s not Bow Wow.

Social Media
Let me tell you something about these shitty companies (looking at you, McDonald’s). Their reps/offices might not care that you contacted them privately, but they do care when you show receipts IN PUBLIC.

Picture this: You order a pepperoni and sausage pizza from Pizza Hut. A cold, pepperoni pizza arrives. You call to inform them that you’re not satisfied and they DGAF. What do you do?

It’s simple. You snap photos of the pizza they delivered and send it to them directly on Facebook and IG. Then, you post it to their page with a dissertation about how disappointed you are. Then, you slide through their Yelp page(s) like, “Oh, hey!” And *BOOM* GOT EEM.

Companies don’t want anybody else to know that they’ve played you … trust.

But Sometimes, That Doesn’t Work

And that’s when you put your Susan cap on. Susan is an entitled, middle-aged, white woman from the Midwest. She enjoys privilege, Barefoot wines, and getting her way. Susan is ridiculous. Be like Susan.

I normally wouldn’t recommend it, but in this situation, all is fair in complaining. So, you file a formal ass complaint with the BBB. You exaggerate … like… a lot. You let them know how disappointed you are and how they’ve caused you to bring shame to your family on the day that your great, great, great grandmother died.

They’ll never see it coming. Businesses have a limited amount of time to reply to these inquiries, but this usually does the trick. If it doesn’t, however.


“Hi, Dez. Thanks for calling American Express today. Also, thanks for being a loyal customer. How can I help you today?”

“Hi, Tom. Wow, how’s the weather. I hope you’re having a great day. I need to dispute 8498098 transactions.”

I hope you bought it on a credit card, sis. Because if so, there are few questions asked.

Either way, though. Get your money’s worth. *BOOM*

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