EBPR Podcast Episode 24 - Lovely Lady Lumps, featuring Macey Dickerson of Yonique Creations

Lovely Lady Lumps ft. Yonique Creations founder, Macey Dickerson

In episode 24 of the EBPR podcast, Jasmin and Dez talk Yonis, self-love, self-care and maintaining a positive body image with artist and Yonique Creations founder, Macey Dickerson (curlsgonewild28). Macey explains the power of the Yoni, Dez throws it back with Yoni eggs, Jasmin steps out in her leopard-print onesie, and all ladies recognize the power they wield.

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In this episode we explore: Yonis, body image, self-care, identity and loving your flaws.

Show Notes

Why we’re talking about this today?

As you know, Dez and Jasmin are two divine and dynamic women who went to college in Indiana. However, what you might not know is that so did Macey Dickerson, an artist extraordinaire and light-filled goddess who’s changing the jewelry-making game and encouraging women to be Yonique. After eons of cyber-stalking and a few dope conversations, Dez asked Macey to grace the EBPR podcast and audience with her wisdom, and she obliged; teaching us all a lesson in self-love.

Unpacking: Who is Macey? What is a Yoni? Why does it matter?

Macey Dickerson: Founder and owner of Yonique Creations, dope ass artist/woman of color. Dez’s friend and spirit being. Dope, dope, dope Etsy artisan with work recognized/worn by tons of people (including celebrity, superstar and fellow woman of color, Kehlani).

Yoni: According to Macey Dickerson, Yoni is a Sanskrit (ancient Indian language, y’all) word meaning “sacred place.” It refers to your female genitalia; specifically the vulva, vagina, etc. She offers a deeper meaning and explanation here.

It matters because the Yoni is strong, powerful bold and necessary to love/understand in order to practice radical self-love. The degradation of women’s bodies is a very real and very systemic issue for women across the globe. The only way to reclaim the energy and power that is rightfully ours as women is to ‘go and love ourselves.’

Let’s Tackle Some Things

– Being found out: Don’t you just hate it when people make realizations about you that you already know are true? Like, when they finally discover that zit your makeup can’t cover? Ugh, being found out is the worst, right? Nah, the truth is, people probably don’t care about you all that much.

– Hiding flaws: From Spanx to sweatpants, when do we actually stop caring about what others think? How many of us are really walking around with mommy pooches and onesies without a care in the world? Do we ever reach a point where we run out of fucks? Maybe monks…

– How do we practice self-care? Be a sponge. We’re not just over here drinking water and exfoliating. We’re actually taking aerial yoga classes, pole dancing lessons, and being vulnerable as fuck. We’re taking care of our whole selves, every inch of our beings. We’re trying to bathe regularly and wash our faces, but we’ve got to be consistent. We’re trying to moisturize with all of the lotions, but it’s hard because it’s cold out here. We don’t want ashy ankles, though, so we’re using in-shower lotions.

– What’s up with Trichotillomania, the hair-pulling disorder? Turns out Dez has it. In talking about getting her legs, bikini and other body parts waxed, we found out that Dez gets weird, satisfying feelings from it.

– Body Image for Black Women: Yikes. Do we think it’s more difficult for Black women to assimilate and maintain a positive body image than it is for people who are in alignment with Eurocentric standards of beauty? Probably. Jasmin and Macey can’t make the comparison, but Dez doesn’t give a fuck. Black women are often outcast, ostracized and/or seen as hypersexual beings. Either we’re exotified or cast aside.

– Hair, skin and how we see ourselves play a huge role in our lives. Hair and skin are highly political, unfortunately and in our society, colorism is real. And don’t get us started on bodies. If 92 percent of people think Brazilian Butt Lifts are worth it, then do we need to sign up?

– It’s a no for us, dawg. We’re going to love ourselves and be the best possible us. We’re loving our yonis, our flaws and our bodies as a whole. We are strong, powerful women, and we need to act like the goddesses we are.

To help you embrace your inner-goddess, you should probably hit up Macey Dickerson’s site and use the promo code EBPR25 for 25 percent off of your purchase.

Outside Perspective:

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