A Letter to the New You on the Last Day of the Old Year

Dear You (you obviously know who you are):

I’m not good at the whole soft, sappy thing, but I wanted to wish the new you a Happy New Year.

You see, every year, we set out to be better, doper, stronger, faster, healthier (etc.) versions of ourselves; not taking into consideration how much we’ve already evolved. In our most recent episode at exactly 54:44, Jasmin dropped a bomb that made me realize we don’t give ourselves enough credit each year.

We often look back at our fails and/or shortcomings from the previous year, but fail to recognize and celebrate our growth over a one, two or three-year trajectory – or shit, even a lifelong trajectory.

We literally change daily, and as far as I’m concerned, we walk into each and every new year as (clap) a (clap) new (clap) person. So, I’m writing this letter to the new you – the you who has decided to leave all the bullshit behind. The you who is already beautiful, amazing, etcetera, but who knows that there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t break your neck trying to make this year “your year” because, honestly, as long as you survive and you ain’t out here sending UDPs like some people, it likely already is. Now, I’m not telling you to aim low – nah, always shoot for the stars.

But bask in the fact that you’re already amazing and that there’s already a new you taking on a brand new year. It’s time to celebrate your personal evolution thus far, and to continue growing because of it.

Make this the best possible year to date.

Happy New Year!


Dez Esper a.k.a. D-Money

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