Let’s Get Acquainted

In episode 2 of the EBPR podcast, Jasmin & MissE took time to get to know each other by asking a few “getting to know you” questions, such as our favorite colors, best & worst purchases, and middle names. In addition, the duo discussed HBO’s Insecure – Hella Disrespectful episode, sea horses (No, not sea monkeys) and much more.

In this episode we explore:

2:30 – Dating/Courting fails-Help Me!
6:35 – Let’s get acquainted-How You Doin’
13:35 – The Royal family expecting baby #3
22:16 – Insecure S2 -Hella Discrespectful Recap
28:42 – Sex tips, courtesy of Insecure S2
46:58 – Listener Survey

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