I Ain’t Frozen, But I’m Still Letting It Go

Lately, I’ve been thinking about letting go of people.

It seems like we often wait until something drastic happens to let go of someone. It’s like we don’t give ourselves permission to let go of things simply because they no longer serve us.

Your man’s not beating or cheating on you? Work it out. Your friend has been your friend since high school? Keep ’em around — they’re “loyal.”

But no one ever says,

“Yo, fuck that guy if the vibe ain’t right.”


“You can stop talking to that broad if you’re just tired of answering the phone.”

These are the things people need to say.


I was talking to this man  boy recently, and he was madd annoying. His vibe was wrong, he wasn’t listening to my podcast, and he just required too much of my damn time — time I was not (and am still not) able/willing to offer.

He was very nice. He was consistent. He never physically, emotionally, or sexually abused me. He made time for me (mostly). He checked in. He made me laugh. He serenaded me. He was handsome. He was smart. He was hardworking.

But he was not for me. The vibe was wrong.

Maybe it was the subtle hint of passive aggression I got (Taurus). Maybe it’s because I’m not in the right place for something THAT serious right now.


Maybe I just didn’t want to deal with his ass anymore, and as a grown ass woman, it is not required of me. I also don’t need a reason for cutting him off.

I was just good … am good. I am good. And I’ma be good all year long as long as I cut people off when I’m no longer feeling it.

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