Know Your Limits, Know Your Role

Yo, what’s good? Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by the feeling that people are trying me. People are testing me, my limits, my patience and my intelligence.

In fact, as I write this wisdom piece, I’m doing my damnedest to refrain from sending a drafted message to this fuck ass individual who acts as if I don’t have goons and a machete on deck. Haha – just kidding…mostly.

Anyway, these situations, which shall remain unexplained in writing, have led me to one conclusion: I’ve been willy-nilly as fuck with my limits as of late.

Yeah, I’m admitting and owning it. It’s on me.

I’ve been out here letting people trample all over my boundaries and limits lately, and I’m the only one suffering. I’ve been too nice, and have put myself in situations that make me uncomfortable. And the more I reflect, the more I realize that the shit is just getting worse and worse.

You know, it started with minor line crossings (cutting in front of me in line, walking in front of me as I go to grab something from the grocery shelf, etc.). However, then it evolved into bigger shiznayee (people thinking they can touch my hair, people thinking they can make off-colored remarks in my presence, etc.). And ya girl has had enough.

It’s time for me to reclaim my time limits. So, I’m doing the following:

Making a list and checking it twice.

This ain’t Santa, bihhh, but it is me taking the time to put the things and boundaries that matter to me in writing. I’m making a list of the things I accept, as well as those I won’t tolerate.

I’m advocating for me.

I could sit here and play the “OMG, everyone takes advantage of me.” victim all day, errday, but por que? I recognize that I haven’t been advocating for myself in the ways  deserve, and I’m going to change that. I don’t need a New Year’s resolution to do so, either; I can do that tomorrow.

I’m reflecting on my experiences in a meaningful way.

I’m doing all that I can to understand the why. Why have I allowed people to disrespect me and/or my boundaries? And more importantly, how do I fix it? What’s going on with me? I’m taking stock, and I’m writing it down.

I’m re-centering.

Once I know the why, I’m pinpointing key areas I need to focus on to ensure I don’t disrespect my life and/or limits again.

If you’re feeling the same way, join me in the reclamation of our limits, boundaries, etc. You’ve got it, sis.

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