I’m Sorry, What?

In episode 14 of the EBPR Podcast, Jasmin and Dez go the eff in on racism, sexism and hippie dippie BS. Jasmin breaks down a sensitive situation full of whitesplaining and mansplaining, and Dez threatens to come to your home – bodacious bod and all. #dontcomeformeunlessIsendforyou

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In this episode we explore: racism, sexism, rape culture, knowing yourself and calling out fuckery.

2:21 – Jasmin Unpacks: Racism in art and professional spaces
4:42 – Define the P in EBPR
6:26 – Deliberate Racism… Lee & his English
10:36 – Deliberate Racism… Fiery, sexy, hot Latina
13:21 – Accidental Racism… Automated Segregation
17:33 – Accidental Racism… “I’m almost Black”
22:32 – Tell me how you feel about it? Angry Black Women
27:40 – How do you handle it? Practice makes perfect
29:47 – How do you handle it? Coping mechanisms & be your own advocate
32:59 – Jasmin continues to Unpack: desensitized & healed from racism!
40:18 – How do we handle offenders? Catch these (karmic) hands
42:23 – How do we handle offenders? You have a responsibility
50:01 – How do we strengthen our armor? Bodacious bodies at the spa
52:15 – How do we strengthen our armor? Drugs! (Legal & prescription, of course)
54:25 – Listeners: Safe podcast recommendations? #recommendation #EBPRPodcast
55:01 – Listeners: Have you experienced/witnessed an -ism? #ism #EBPRPodcast
55:59 – SHOUTOUTS!!! Shut Up, Nobody Cares. & Unreasonable Fridays
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Jasmin – Tall, Dark & Funny by Alonzo Bodden
Dez – Between the World and Me – Ta Nehisi Coates
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