Drink Water & Mind Yours

Episode Synopsis

In episode 20 of the EBPR podcast, Dez and Jasmin talk self-care and highlight some of their favorite go-tos. Dez likes frequent, painful trips to Brazil; while Jasmin stalks threading artists before plopping into their chairs. Both ladies love Korean body scrubs and therapy, though. Listen now for self-care tips.

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In this episode we explore: self-care, the importance of therapy, drinking water and minding your own damned business.

Show Notes

Why we’re talking about this today?

Dez stumbled across an article that stated, “Women be out here taking care of themselves while everything else in their lives crumbles.” and listed 90 million other things people should do instead of taking care of themselves. The ladies of EBPR are against it and will not be linking the article here. Sorry about it!

Unpacking: What is Self-Care?

Jasmin – Things she does for herself so that she feels better about herself afterwards
Dez – Ditto… but she understand some of the things she does may also be for the benefit of others (i.e. Brazilian waxes)

Internal self-care

– Not douching!!! Although Summers Eve had people brainwashed with their commercials, everyone should now know that it’s bad for ya health (yeast infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, and other ailments related to an unbalanced PH). Trust in the self-cleaning vagina, ladies!!! Also, soap & bath bombs on the lady bits can contribute to a change in PH. Consider this a warning! Leave the yeast for the baked goods, and not for “Cake Farts“!

– Drink water – Even though Adam ruined drinking water, there are still plenty of health benefits of purposeful water intake. Jasmin finds that a bit of Perrier water in the morning wakes her up, without causing an upset stomach. Dez re-hydrates after a large ice coffee with Nestle Pure Life Water. Dez loves them for having a consistent taste… even thought they are a big privatized water company ruining water supplies across the globe.

– Eating (Clean & Dirty)- The benefits of clean eating are unmatched, but reaping those rewards requires consistent consumption. That’s especially hard to do when “treating yourself” with not so clean foods is so easy. Dez defines clean eating as the avoidance of processed foods and the worst types of meats & grains. Jasmin defines clean eating in a similar way, including all forms of fast food. However, it’s hard to eat clean/healthy when finances are tight. As a trade-off, Jasmin tries to make the fast food alternatives at home (to save money and her health).

– Bathroom usage – All hail the Squatty Potty! By putting the body into a more natural squatting position, the Squatty Potty is the key to becoming more regular. This is especially crucial for Jasmin when she returns home to the mid-west. Every Indiana visit includes a fast food tour to all of her favorite places (Longs Donuts, Steak & Shake, Fazoli’s, Sonics, etc.). Just imagine, all of that fast food could wreak havoc on a bathroom schedule.

– Exercise – In regards to internal self-care, exercise is super beneficial because of all of the endorphins that are released during a good workout. t’s almost as good as taking hard drugs… or having some sexy time.

– Meditation – When self-care is needed, but exercise or physical violence are frowned upon, meditation can be a good alternative. Dez HIGHLY recommends a combo of meditation and acupuncture for the ultimate self-care pleasure.

– Improving your mental health – Take yourself to therapy! Forget the negative stigma and take care of yourself. The brain is the most important part of the human body… but people refuse to go to a doctor when it needs help. I got issues, you got issues, we got issues… get them diagnosed and under control! And NO, talking to a close friend about personal issues does not count. Be a real friend, don’t unload stress and drama on others or else they may end up ghosting… just like Richard Simmons (after taking on the stress and pain of thousands of other exercise enthusiasts, Richard retreated from the public eye for his own self care). #MindYourBusiness

External Self-Care

– Waxing – Dez feels like a whole new person after a Brazilian waxing. While Jasmin doesn’t share the same love for waxing, she does feel the same rush from grooming/lady-scaping the areas. Be it with clippers, wax, Nair, or nada, body grooming can be a form of self-care.

– Eyebrow threading – Both ladies of the podcast are happy to be past the days of thin eyebrows. Jasmin comes from a long line of thick browed ladies and nothing brings her joy like having perfectly manicured eyebrows. She’s very particular about how they’re styled and after losing many a-brow to unruly wax, she’s now 100% on the brow threading train.

– Skin care – Korean face masks, body scrubs, lotions, oh my! The ladies of EBPR are all about that skin care!! Jasmin shares her skincare tricks: exfoliating gloves, a sugar scrub 2x/week, and Jergen’s Wet Skin Moisturizer to keep skin in buttery, baby soft condition.

– Microneedle Derma Roller – Yes, micro needles! But instead of going to a place that shares needles (say no to sharing needles… and Sharon Needles) a personal use derma roller is only a few clicks away on Amazon!

Why is Self-Care Important?

Dez & Jasmin belive self-care is important becasue of it’s impact on both how you look and how you feel. If you take care of yourself and you feel good about yourself, you’ll be able to handle the 90 million other things that are crumbling around you.

When is it Time to Administer Self Care?

Unexpected weight fluxuations? Broken nails? Dry, brittle hair, nails or skin? Bingeing on junk food? Breakouts? Crusty, crackling lips? Not getting good sleep? All signs that it’s time for TLC. However, don’t over do it! Not all aspects of self-care are DIY-friendly. Pay that co-pay for therapy… and pay a professional to wax the lady bits!

Outside Perspective:

Practicing Self-Care Is Important: 10 Easy Habits To Get You Started by Noma Nazish

6 Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home (For Cheap!) by Christine Williams


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